Whale Shark at Koh Haa

For the last four weeks, we have been amazingly lucky to see a whale shark around the dive sites at Koh Haa. This male juvenile measures around 3.5 metres and is very playful. He seems to love bubbles and has been spending a lot of time near the surface, meaning snorkelers and divers have had some great opportunities to spend time with him.

whale shark koh haawhale sharks and remoraswhale shark feedingwhale shark Koh Haa Koh Lanta

The fish that you can see near the whale sharks are called remoras. These are also called suckerfish as they attach themselves to sharks and rays with suction and get transport and protection from the host species, as well as feeding on leftovers.

Whale sharks are filter feeders, using their huge mouths to suck up vast quantities of plankton, rather like a vacuum cleaner. A feeding shark sucks in huge quantities of water, and then expels the water through it’s gills, keeping the plankton.

It has been awe inspiring to watch this magnificent creatures. Let’s hope he stays around for a while longer!

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