Beach Clean up 28th April 2012

As the low season is upon us now in Koh Lanta, we have all been looking for something to do. The great thing about it here is that so many people are willing to give up their time and help do a beach clean up. We have been extending our green policy to doing regular clean ups here.

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The problem with this clean up however was finding somewhere to do it. The beach underneath our pier was dirty enough, but unfortunately, the tide was high at the time we had arranged to do the clean. Messages were sent out around the island to find the dirtiest beach on the island! The good news was that most of the feedback was positive and there was not a massive amount of rubbish around.

We established that the best beach would be Klong Nin, where we carried out a beach clean up on the 29th August last year.

Messages were sent out via Facebook, texting and word of mouth, and a motley crew turned up ready and willing to collect as much rubbish as possible. Compared to last year, the beach was in quite good condition. We found that we were able to clean a far larger area of the beach as there was not a massive amount of trash. We still managed to collect a huge amount of glass, plastic and other rubbish.

scuba diving koh lanta dive/diving Koh Lanta PADI courses snorkeling

The really great part of the day was that we were able to recruit holiday makers who were relaxing on the beach. They were eager to get involved and happy that they were able to do something positive for the environment while on holiday.

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Perhaps the strangest item found was this sun visor, that Gary really took a shine to.

After working really hard we all had a well deserved beer and a chat about our future plans to keep Lanta clean. All in all, it was a really successful day. We collected 245 Kilos of rubbish and took it either for recycling or to the tip on the island. The main thing is that we were able to remove this rubbish from the ocean and prevent it from recirculation.

We have been working with Ocean Divers here on the island to co-ordinate and arrange beach clean ups. We plan on holding a clean up once a fortnight through the low season.

scuba diving koh lanta dive/diving Koh Lanta PADI courses snorkeling

Beach Clean Up

Why should you visit Koh Lanta in the low season?

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Beach Clean Up Klong Nin

Simply because there is so much to do here, so many places to visit and the weather can be amazing!

Lanta does get quiet between May and October, so it is a great time to be here to really get to know the island and it’s people.

As divers, we spend the high season diving – naturally! The low season gives us time to relax and work on things that are really important.

This low season, we will be working on a series of beach clean ups. Once every two weeks, we will get together with other divers, tourists and anybody with an interest in environmental matters, and we will find an area of the island in need of some TLC. We will do this in conjunction with Project Aware and will log the results of the clean  up with them.

It’s a great way to meet people and it’s really satisfying to know that you are making a difference.

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