Hin Bida

This is a small rocky outcrop close to, and to the east of, Koh Bida Nok and Koh Bida Nai. It usually stands proud of the water by about a metre at one point, however at high tide it is totally submerged. It is very easy to navigate, and also has a few big gullies to explore.

It is in these gullies that you may find the dive sites big draw – zebra sharks. They are regularly seen here, either resting on the sand, or swimming in the shallows. An encounter with these animals swimming closely around you, whether you are diving or snorkelling, is something you’ll never forget! Also found here are cuttlefish, octopus, spiny lobster, and moray eels. Common reef fish such as snapper and surgeonfish school in their hundreds.

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As this site is relatively shallow and exposed to the open seas, featherstars, plumeworms, and brittlestars are seen here in huge numbers, feeding on the plankton caught in the currents.

Average depth – 12m

Maximum depth – 18m

Average visibility – 20m

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