Bida Nok

This is the larger of the two Bida islands and the one furthest away from Koh Phi Phi Lei. The southwest section of the island’s reef has been formed by large pieces of rock that have fallen from the precipitous cliffs above to form a mountainous terrain, featuring walls that drop to elevated ledges. There is also a bay, ideal for snorkeling, protected by a submerged finger reef.

Hidden Depths Diving Koh Lanta ThailandHidden Depths Diving Koh Lanta Thailand

The fish here are abundant. Massive schools of snapper virtually obscure the steep slopes of the reef from view, and large predatory fish like golden trevally, great barracuda and rainbow runners are suspended in the blue, watching and waiting. Across the sand at the mouth of the bay you may find kuhl’s stingrays, flounder, bent-stick pipefish, cuttlefish, and, if you’re lucky, a zebra shark.

There are also many stunning hard and soft corals, the most noticeable of which are the huge gorgonian sea-fans.

Average depth – 17m

Maximum depth – 30m

Average visibility – 20m

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