Koh Haa Yai

This is the largest of the islands at Koh Haa. The area is officially named Koh Haa Yai after this island so as to differentiate the area from another just to the north with a very similar name.

The island’s, indeed the areas, big draw is found here – “The Cathedral”. There are three small caves found along the south wall, two of which are connected at sea level. Divers are able to surface in these two caves to find an impressive space within the island. The only available natural light emanates from under the water, creating an eerie glow in which to observe the stalactites hanging from the high ceiling. It is one of these stalactites, coloured differently from the others, which resembles an organ, and along with the incredible acoustics, gives the cathedral its name. The other cave is smaller and darker and travels a little further into the island. The view from inside this cave is exhilarating, and makes for a fantastic photo opportunity. As well as the caves, there are many swim-throughs – ideal for testing your buoyancy skills!

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Either side of the caves you will find the reef becomes less and less steep. Turning left from the caves takes you along the reef slopes towards the island’s beach where snorkelling is excellent. Keep your eyes open as you travel along the reef for green and hawksbill turtles, great barracuda and large potato groupers. This is also a great place to look for nudibranchs, ghost pipefish and several species of colourful shrimp.

Turning right from the caves takes you towards an area known as “The Secret Garden” – an area with beautifully formed corals and an abundance of reef life. Black-tip reef sharks and Kuhl’s stingrays are found swimming along the edge of the reef. Sightings of larger rays have also been spotted here as this reef forms the outside of the island group.

Average depth – 15m

Maximum depth – 26m

Average visibility
– 25m

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