Koh Haa Lagoon

Upon approach to Koh Haa, the lagoon stands out, as the blue sea lightens to an azure shade. Three of the areas six islands encircle the lagoon, making it a safe environment, especially for snorkellers. A small, fine white-sand beach found on the west side of the lagoon can be used for relaxing between snorkelling or diving. The water within the lagoon reaches a depth of 5-6 metres, and has patch and rocky coral extending from the sea-floor to within a metre of the surface in places. Not only does this make for excellent snorkelling, but a good area for training and a great place for a safety stop at the end of a dive.

Hidden Depths Diving Koh Lanta ThailandHidden Depths Diving Koh Lanta Thailand

At the edges of the lagoon, the sandy seabed slopes down and out into deeper water. On these slopes you may find seamoths, flounder, pipefish and devil scorpionfish. Reef fish are abundant – parrotfish, angelfish, butterflyfish, triggerfish, wrasse and moorish idols are all seen going about their daily business. Moray eels are often seen free-swimming amongst the coral.

Average depth – 4m

Maximum depth – 10m

Average visibility – 15m

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