Koh Haa 6

Located just off the northern tip of Koh Haa Yai, this is the smallest of the Koh Haa group, and really is more of a large rock than an island. It rises from the sea-floor like a pyramid, and is easy to circumnavigate at least once during a dive. There are many cracks in the rock formation, great for spotting macro-life.

A ridge connects Koh Haa 6 to Koh Haa Yai at 12m, and this reef is known locally as “The Secret Garden”. You will find an abundance of colourful soft and hard corals here, and reef fish are prolific.

Hidden Depths Diving Koh Lanta ThailandHidden Depths Diving Koh Lanta Thailand

Koh Haa 6 is the place where more sightings of whale sharks are recorded than anywhere else in the local Koh Lanta area. Large rays are also seen here. On the reef, you will find ghost pipefish hidden behind sea urchins, and glassfish cascading down the corals like a waterfall. Some of the larger predators like golden trevallies, dogfin tuna and rainbow runners hang out in the blue watching for their chance to feed.

Average depth – 15m

Maximum depth – 28m

Average visibility – 20m

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