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Sea Save is a charity based in the US that is active in a number of different conservation projects.  They have been successfully involved in a number of campaigns over the last twenty years, including CITES Bangkok in March 2013, which resulted in enhanced protection for sharks and rays, and the campaign for California AB376, the law passed in the US state in 2011 outlawing shark fining.

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Their mission statement is:

To generate consciousness and encourage stewardship of natural ecosystems while continuing with other charitable educational activities associated with this purpose.

Their impact statement:

Sea Save Foundation strives to protect our oceans by raising awareness and educating people about ocean beauty and advocating change to resolve current challenges.

They have a number of campaigns running at the moment, including the Give Em The Fin initiative.  In an effort to raise awareness of the barbaric practice of shark fining, the project aims to collect 20,000 images of people from around the globe giving the international sign of the shark.  These images will be used to create a beautiful mosaic that will be used in an advertising campaign around South East Asia and Central America.  It is easy to upload your image on to their Facebook page – so why not get involved in this project today!

Sea Save at ADEX 2014

In April 2014, Hidden Depths Diving attended at the ADEX Dive Show in Singapore to reach out and raise awareness about the campaign.  We also arranged an event to coincide with Earth Day in April 2014 to collect images for the mosaic.

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