New Course Director

We are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with Course Director Lisa Bier to offer our Instructor Development Course.

Lisa is well known here on Koh Lanta, where she has been based for many years. She has been an instructor since 2002 and a Course Director since 2007. She is an experienced CD, having certified over 50 IDC candidates.  As well as speaking her native Dutch, she is also fluent in English and German, as well as some French, Thai, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

PADI IDC Course Director

Lisa has very clear ideas about how the IDC should be run, striking a careful balance between classroom presentations and in-water training. She also has a deep interest in conservation, which fits in with our ethos  here.

We are looking forward to working together to add to our existing IDC program and are excited to be collaborating on new projects. Welcome to our team Lisa!



IDC 2014

Today, we start our latest Instructor Development Course on Koh Lanta with Platinum Course Director Rich Reardon.  The candidates are our recently qualified PADI Divemasters, Tamika Short and Hannah Gossner.  We had a lot of fun scuba diving with them and showing them the local dive sites.  They are both very excited to continue along their professional path, and with qualifications in marine science, they are both looking to improve on their existing skills and obtain new ones to help them in their chosen career.

We wish everyone the best of luck!

IDC Welcome photo

IDC Preparation

On the 27th March 2014, we started our first Instructor Development Course.  Run by Platinum Course Director Richard Reardon, seven candidates started their journey towards becoming a PADI instructor.

Before the IDC starts proper, we conduct a preparation course so the students can refresh their skills and get them ready for the course.


They spend time in the classroom revising theory and learning what the course will entail, and in the water practicing skills.  This prep course lasts for three days, so our candidates will go into the IDC fully prepared.

IDC Centre status for Hidden Depths Diving

Hidden Depths Diving are proud to announce that we are now a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre.  Building on our reputation for exceptional customer service, we now have a team in place to offer five star instructor training.

Our first Instructor Development Course will take place on the 27th March 2014, and we are delighted that Platinum Course Director Richard Reardon will be conducting the course for us.  We are very excited to have Rich involved in this new project that sees us move to a whole new level of PADI training.

Contact us if you want to learn more about our IDC program.



PADI Rescue Course with future DMT Laura

Our latest Divemaster trainee Laura Mulvey had just one part of her pre-training to complete this week – the PADI Rescue course.  Below is her account of her memorable experience:

Arguably the most talked about part of PADI training among my diver friends has been the Rescue Diver course, and this week I found out why.  In theory, the Rescue Diver course is a chance to develop your skills in dealing with dive related accidents and assisting other divers who might be in distress or danger.  In practice, the Rescue Diver course has the additional benefit of letting your instructor and assistants refine their acting skills and put you through your paces. After finishing the PADI manual and video, would-be rescuers have a chance to brush up on scuba skills with an instructor (snorkel to regulator exchange, compass skills and search patterns, etc). Then the real fun begins.

PADI Rescue Course

If you are lucky like me, you might have the benefit of extra demonstrators to practice your rescue skills with. In my case instructor Gary enlisted the help of Hidden Depths Divemaster trainees Paige and Chris. These skills include getting control of a panicked diver and providing rescue breaths to a non-breathing diver at the surface. Your team won’t go easy on you. Rescuing a panicked diver means that you must protect yourself from the diver trying to grab your gear and push you under the water. So, having demonstrators who are really scrappy (and dramatic!) helps you prepare for the real thing, and that might mean getting your reg ripped out or getting a fin or two in your face. After practicing a few times with some very theatrical trainees playing the part of the victim, the Rescue Diver course also teaches you some of the ways you can carry victims onto the beach. Turns out that some methods are better than others (sorry Chris!)

PADI Rescue course for Hidden Depths Diving


The team then planned a rescue scenario with a missing diver off the pier. I had to find our victim by putting together a plan and executing a search pattern underwater. Upon finding the ‘victim’, the rescuer must perform rescue breaths and remove gear while towing the victim to safety. 


The visibility during our scenario was quite murky, making it the perfect place for search and rescue practice- albeit a bit spooky. Lucky for Paige we found her in time and got to shore. A successful rescue mission!


It’s true what they say: ‘do your rescue course and you will sleep well that night!’ Though, in my opinion, the very best benefit of doing your rescue course in Thailand is that a well-deserved Thai massage is just around the corner!

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